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February 26, 2023
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200mg, 1000mg / 1vial

How to use
Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly on the face.

Store at room temperature below 30°C, do not freeze

Dermakor Co., Ltd.



Layer/Effect: Wrinkle improvement to Subcutaneous, dermal layer.

Particle Distribution (Average): Average 30pm.

Proprietary technology that can mass – produce microspheres of uniform size from nano to micro.

What is Microsphere?
  • Small spherical fine particle. It is a key ingredient of 4th generation filler as collagen stimulator in body.

  • In the case of HA fillers have a simple filling effect, but powder fillers induce skin tissue regeneration to remove wrinkles naturally.

What is a biodegradable substance?
  • Hydrolyzed in body and used as major ingredient in cosmetics, tissue engineering device and depot formula.

  • There are various types as PLLA, PDO and PCL used for a long time and they have various physical properties depending on composition and molecule size.

High Precision: Production of perfect spherical microparticles; Produce desired uniform particles.

Solid Strength: Stable spherical shape during processing; Stable and constant biodegradation in the body.

Control the Duration: Control duration by polymer type & property; Expandable with uniform size.

Excellent Safety: Dissolving thread ingredients that have been used for a long time; Complete loss of absorption in body after tissue regeneration

Produce high-quality microspheres: Unique platform technology that can mass – produce spherical particles of uniform size

Control of degradation period in body: Production of microspheres with different degradation periods in body through precise control

Wide range of possibilities: Widely applicable to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics

Spherical Microparticles
  • Particle size can be freely adjusted according processing size of the membrane

  • Uniform production with various materials such as PLA, PCL, and PLGA

Porous microparticles
  • Production of fine particles with many pores on the surface

  • Faster collagen stimulation and biodegradation


Continuously promotes tissue proliferation in the skin during the year. Effective in treatment of scars, stretch marks (striae), keloid scars.

  • Improving skin turgor, removes fine wrinkles, moisturizes, return lost volumes, long lasting lifting effect, scars removal, pores tightening.

  • Stimulated tissues regenerate sub-materials such as elastin, collagen, and amino-peptides, and eventually form new tissue.

  • Some volume loss occurs during 1-2 weeks after injection. The production of cell and collagen restores lost volume at week 3-4 after injection.

Possible correction areas: Face; Forehead; Neck; Body; Buttocks.


  • Easily injectable, Biocompatible.

  • Fully biodegrades from human body up to 24 months.

  • Spherical shapes 50-60 micron in size.

  • Should be mixed with liquid diluent before the procedure.

No. of treatments

  • 3 times, 1 procedure/month

Ingredients: Mixture: Non cross-linked HA 2ml + Sodium Chloride (Sterile Water) 6ml + Lidocaine 2cc Or Sodium Chloride (Sterile Water) 8ml + Lidocaine 2cc. Dilution time over 30min.


  • 1 to 5 vials per procedure.

  • Face, forehead, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks – 2.5-5ml

  • Neck and decolette– 1.5-3ml

  • Body 2.5-10ml

Injection Technique: Fanning technique

Shelf period after opening: Must be used immediately after dilution; No re-use.

Application: Cannula 23-25G, SubQ

Long-lasting effect: Up to 24 months


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