Slide reborn with Dermakor More Slide DERMAKOR further strengthen our partnership based
on the superior quality of products and customer confidence to develop into a
“Global Beauty Care Company”.
We are looking forward to your continued interest and support.
Slide SUB-Q DISPOSABLE MEDICAL DEVICE FINE DEEP More Slide HYALURONIC ACID DERMAL FILLER STERILE ABSORBABLE More Slide Scalp Recovery & 11 Hair Growth Factors Cleans the scalp and supplies cell growth factors and nutrients.
Promotes hair growth by imroving the scalp environment.
Removes active oxygen and prevents scalp skin aging through antioxidant vitamins.
Soothes and moisturizes the scalp and acts as an antibacterial and pore cleaning.
Sappire Hair Line Solution More
Slide 10ml x 2 vials + Professional use only 5ml x 5 vials More Slide DERMAKOR introducing you Polyboost CL, injection of Polycaprolactone
which is the building material for bodies original production of collagen,
will stimulate the body to produce collagen within and surely will be 100% assimilated.